Thursday, July 31, 2008

American McGee's Grimm....

In case you don't know who American McGee is, he's a game designer that created back in the late 90's, Alice...which was a goth take on the story of Alice in Wonderland. That game had critical appeal....then things went downhill from there when he created the game, A Bad Day in LA. This received critical "ass" appeal. So now he's back and better than ever. His new studio is called Spicy Horse and hails from China. The new game Grimm ( based on Grimm's fairy tales ) looks absolutely amazing. GameTap is offering this episodic content for free the first 24 hours. So better get there fast!

I really admire the art style in Grimm. Reminds me a bit of Fractured Fairy Tales ( was shown on Rocky and Bullwinkle ) and Psychonauts ( great game that many people missed ).

On a sidenote, I hear there is a movie in the works based on the Goth version of Alice by American McGee. Hopefully it will see the light of day cause it could be the new " Nightmare Before Christmas " cult classic.

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