Sunday, August 24, 2008

Madonna/Timberlake 4 min meets Eric Prydz

Posted this here mainly so I can listen to it easier :) Eric Prydz is a DJ who did the famous " Call On Me " song that used Steve Winwood vocals from the song " Valerie ". Which I can't post the video cause it's a slight bit risque ;) But song is great. Anyways, Eric Prydz has this one song out called "Pjanoo" and I have no idea why but it's the song currently stuck in my head. So posted video below as well even though it's kinda strange ( Where can I get a little Indian dancer to make rain for my yard in dry Colorado!?? )

Which leads me to this. Someone did a pretty darn good Mash up mix from Madonna and Justin Timberlakes 4 minute song. It's the last video.

Call On Me Eric Prydz- Song only

Eric Prydz- Pjanoo

Madonna/Timberlake 4min vs Eric Prydz - Pjanjoo

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