Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mirror's Edge Remix contest

Well I've been playing Mirror's Edge and loving it so far, aside from some frustrations in areas of the game but more on that in a later blog when I finish th game. One thing that is really striking about this well produced game is the soundtrack. It's right up there with some of the best motion picture soundtracks. The Still Alive main theme song is one of my favorite songs on my iPod so far and I came across this contest today. What's cool is the contest uses a sequencer web based music prog called Jamglue. I haven't messed with one of these since my college days years back on my old Amiga computer. I loved taking samples from music and even adding my own riffs to tracks. Then I would dub them to tape and play them for friends. Anyways, back to the is the link for the contest.

You have plenty of time to make a remix cause contest ends April 11, 2009. So get to mixing!

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