Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kermit Love passes away at 91 :(

Kermit Love was the creator of Big Bird and Mr Snufflleufagus. He worked with Jim Henson but in case you were wondering, Kermit the frog was NOT named after him.

I met Kermit Love years ago in the mid 90's when I was a runner for a post production facility in Las Colinas, TX ( Dallas area ). He was producing a new children's show called "Whirligig" at the time. He was genuinely interested in my video and animation work and gave me some good positive feedback. The curious thing is just recently I was thinking about what he was doing these days and googled his name online. Now this bad news surfaces and I find it interesting in a weird psychic kind of way. Strange stuff I tell ya....,0,1027932.story?page=2

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m said...

re you sure it was the mid nineties? I worked on the Whirligig show at the studios at Las Colinas in 1990 or 91. We were compositing computer generated backgrounds with the Ultimatte. What was the name of the facility? Pyramid? Something like that.