Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quake Live- or Quake III in a web browser..Can you say FRACKEN SWEET?!?

I totally agree with Carmack on this one in regards to Quake III...


Obviously, we have examples like World of Warcraft that show how the PC can be viable and vibrant in its own way. But in terms of first-person shooters, if you look at something like Crysis and say that’s the height of what the PC market can manage, I don’t think that’s necessarily that exciting of a direction for the PC to be going in the future. With Quake Live, we hope that there’s an opportunity for people who’ve never played shooters to give this a try, and with that, the potential of actually growing the PC gaming market. I still have a lot of a faith in simple gameplay formulas - it might not be the game that everyone plays for three hours a day to be the best at, but it’s something that offices, dorms, and schools across America can have fun with.

Personally I can't wait. A free classic back in new graphics? Hell yes! Quake III always had superior control of any FPS I have ever played .

BF series while I love em has clunky controls and terrible collisions, speed of player also suspect.

UT series always had a quirkyness to them that I couldn't get over. Either levels were strange design or weapons had bizarre design.

Counter Strike and Valve games, like TF2, come the closest to my preference of controls but still not as good as Quake III.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein which was built on the Quake III engine is still one of my all time favorite FPS's. Was and still is a great game. Excellent and smooth control response. Amazing level design that was simple but effective. Also introduced first aspect of classes that you see now in the BF series as well as first for teamwork encouragement( god forbid that medic didn't give you a health pack :) and objective based maps.

Load up Quake III demo or your old copy and see for yourself.

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