Monday, June 30, 2008

WANTED --good flick, nice style

So I finally get around to seeing the one film I've been dying to view since the comic was created. I already knew the movie diverged away from the Mark Millar comic book in regards to super villains and super heroes but I was ok with that. See unlike all the other fan boys, I knew that the original material would not translate well to the silverscreen or mass audience. They just wouldn't "get it" and I'm fine with that. Let the comic book exist as one version of the story and the film version as another.

Now they did a great job of keeping the essence of the comic book buried within the film. Dorky loser guy with no life finds out he is a bad ass assassin from hot chick called, Fox, and meets his mentor, Sloan ( not in the comic book but a semblance I suspect of The Professor ). Fox helps Wesley become the bad ass assassin that is locked inside him from his father. And the story continues from there.

Here is a good reason for all of what I explained but in better terms from a Dallas Reviewer Dan Koller.

And here is a great review of the comic. Pretty much spot on.

What I thought was interesting was the style which can seem a bit "Matrixy" but really has it's own tricks that stem from the afore mentioned. The director, Helmer Timur Bekmambetov, pulls these effects off with perfect timing and substance. WANTED draws alot in this style from his previous Russian vampire films, Nightwatch and Daywatch, which I must say I've only seen clips from and find quite interesting but odd as well. Someday I will get around to seeing these films in their entirety.

Another aspect that appealed to me in the film was how Helmer worked in key comic book moments and references to comic book characters. Look for this one in the movie if you've read the comic book, Mr Rictus is mentioned as being killed but he is a normal guy, not the super villain ring leader.

The only thing I was dissapointed in was not seeing Wesley in his iconic assassin gear like at the top of my post. Perhaps we will see this in the sequel.

Already this movie is one of the top R-rated grossing films of all time and came in second with about 50million on opening weekend to WALL-E. Still it made more than WALL-E per theater earnings as it was released in less theaters over all.

I enjoyed this movie for exactly what it is and didn't have "fanboy" rage as far is it deviating from the source material. Really looking forward to a sequel with Wesley in his assassin costume ( wink wink nudge nudge screenwriters ). And yes I definitely recommend checking this flick out, it's crazy violent but fun.

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