Monday, June 16, 2008

Randy Pitchford of GearBox interview

Randy was one of the few people who gave me a start in the game industry. Well, his wife Kristy was the real reason and she is such a wonderful, nice, genuine person. I was working for free with some other grads from the Art Institute with Kristy on a children's project. It was a great environment to develop in and Kristy and Randy made us all feel welcome working in their home at the time. Randy had just started a new game development studio called Rebel Boat Rocker and he allowed us to use their engine to create the children 3D technology for Kristy's vision. Unfortunately real world requirements,, kept use from staying on board but I've always been very thankful for the opportunity both of them extended to me and my fellow Art Institute colleagues ( who all now work in top notch studios ).

Rebel Boat Rocker fell through and then came Gearbox. Ever since then I try to keep up on Gearbox's properties and IP. Randy, I believe, is the type of CEO every game development company should look for. He's a true gamer at heart and his dedication and positive energy to innovation in the field is what is needed for this industry.

So recently I came across this great QA article with Randy of Gearbox and I think it truly shows the type of positive person he is. Enjoy...

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